Residential & Commercial Inspections in Raleigh, NC: Radon Testing, Mold Inspections, Septic System & Well Inspections & More

The inspection and testing services at Confident Home Inspection are sure to bring you the clarity you need. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or simply maintaining your Raleigh commercial property, receiving an accurate and thorough report of our team’s findings will surely benefit your future decisions. We vow to bring you honest and detailed data you can trust when you opt for our radon, mold, well water, water pump, and septic system inspection services.

Protect Your Property from High Levels of Radon

When purchasing a new home or building, it’s vital to test for radon within your property. If your radon level is four or higher, it’s essential to get it taken care of immediately. Grades lower than a four can still pose a threat as well. However, our radon testing team can provide you with further resources to eliminate or reduce the amount lurking within your Raleigh property.

A close up view of a man at work in full PPE (personal protective equipment), used to protect from airborne mold spores (aspergillus) during a home assessment.

Stay Free of Hazardous Mold

Mold is a tricky substance to pinpoint to the naked eye. Many of our mold inspections find it in the most unlikely places. Often you can have mold for months and not realize your Raleigh home is suffering, or worse, not realizing you’re breathing in harmful toxins. Our moisture and mold inspectors look under floorboards, behind drywall, and even above the ceiling panels. Moisture is the key to a convenient mold growth environment, and our experts can point out potential problem areas.

Knowledge is Key When It Comes to Your Well Water Needs

Our well water inspection services can significantly benefit your Raleigh property. We check for harmful levels of bacteria, arsenic, and other hazardous substances. Don’t allow your home or business to suffer due to a faulty water system or ineffective pressure. Choosing our well water inspections brings you comfort and peace of mind knowing what’s happening within your Raleigh property.

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Avoid Bacterial Water With Our Thorough Inspections Services

The type of water pump your property possesses will determine how often you should have water pump inspections performed. It’s vital to ensure everything is running smoothly and that the water within your property is clean and safe for consumption. Raleigh residents and business owners often tend to neglect their water pump and the need for inspection. However, having your water tested is a vital service that should be avoided. We make sure your water is free of pesticides, bacteria, fluoride, nitrate, and much more.

Fast Septic Inspections & Even Faster Results

When you opt for our septic system inspection services at your Raleigh home or business, you’re receiving quality testing services that you can understand. Expect to have our certified septic inspection services take about one to two hours for a thorough process. Testing of the tank, distribution box, and drain field is carefully conducted, and you can respect results within two days at the maximum.


Protect Your Property With Our Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing is something the average Raleigh resident doesn’t think about. However, it’s a crucial aspect to ensure your health and wellness is being taken care of. Taking the proper precautions to provide a safe environment for your family and employees is easier than you think. It starts with a simple phone call to Confident Home Inspection. Choose our Raleigh indoor air quality testing to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.

Let Us Bring You the Power of Knowledge

At Confident Home Inspection, our team brings the Raleigh, NC community the mold, moisture, septic system, and well water inspections they need to feel confident about their home or business. Whether you’re in the market to sell your property or ensure your business has no faults, our same-day inspections and result are sure to satisfy Raleigh, NC customers. With an A+ BBB rating and over 1,800 property inspections under our belt, you can feel confident you’re in good hands. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of our home, commercial, and ancillary inspections today!

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