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Moisture & Mold Inspection in Raleigh, NC: Residential & Commercial Mold & Moisture Inspection & Testing

Mold grows in many forms and places, and your Raleigh home is no exception. Thanks to the humidity of the Raleigh area, mold growth is very common and can have mild to severe effects on your health. Whether it is on your ceiling, in your walls, or underneath your home, Confident Home Inspection has the tools and technology to seek it out and assess the severity of the mold growth. It is always important, especially in humid areas like Raleigh, to check any of your current or potential properties for mold growth.

Mold Inspection in Raleigh

When our licensed experts come out to perform a certified professional inspection, you can count on thorough testing and accurate results. They will inspect common mold areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, attics, crawlspaces, and HVAC systems, providing you with quick results. Mold inspections typically take 1 – 2 hours on site, and then results will be provided within 1 – 2 business days. Our knowledgeable team is able to answer your questions and assess the mold situation at your property. Our mold inspections are noninvasive and painless so that your time is as uninterrupted as possible.

Raleigh Mold Testing Services

Our mold testing services here at Confident Home Inspection are comprehensive with a quick turnaround. After sending a licensed professional to collect air and/or direct mold samples, we assess the severity of the damage and the severity of the mold. Different types of mold pose different levels of risk to those who breathe it. We want you and your family and/or office to stay healthy and keep your property healthy, too. When we update you with the results of our inspection, we will make sure you understand the reports and know how to take further action.  We are committed to our clients and their properties.

Let Us Bring You the Power of Knowledge

At Confident Home Inspection, our team brings the Raleigh, NC community the mold, moisture, septic system, and well water inspections they need to feel confident about their home or business. Whether you’re in the market to sell your property or ensure your business has no faults, our same-day inspections and result are sure to satisfy Raleigh, NC customers. With an A+ BBB rating and over 1,800 property inspections under our belt, you can feel confident you’re in good hands. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of our home, commercial, and ancillary inspections today!

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