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Radon Testing in Raleigh, NC: Residential & Commercial Radon Inspection & Testing Services

While Raleigh typically tests lower on radon screening levels, you can never be too careful with your home or business. Radon is infamously undetectable without the proper tools and can cause health complications for you and your family. At Confident Home Inspection in Raleigh, we have the proper tools and technology to ensure that the levels of radon at your building are tested, measured, and kept in check. We believe in accurate and timely results and even offer routine options to constantly monitor the radon levels of your building.

Raleigh Radon Testing

Radon testing is offered through many methods, and Confident Home Inspection believes in precise results within a reasonable timeframe, which is why we offer 48 and 72-hour testing on-site. We use passive radon spectrometry, which is accurate to plus or minus 20 percent, and base our reporting on the recommended guideline of 2.7pCi/L from the World Health Organization. As soon as we measure results, you can expect to have an emailed report within 24 hours so that you are up to date with the latest radon levels at your property.

Radon Testing and Inspection Services in Raleigh

Radon levels are constantly changing, which is why we offer quarterly quality control on all radon monitors. Whether you need one test at a property before deciding to buy, or you’re looking to routinely monitor the radon levels in and around your property, Confident Home Inspection has you covered. Call us when you need radon testing, and our trained and experienced professionals will be there to get the process going. Radon levels are notoriously inconsistent, and it’s our pledge to let you know when it’s too dangerous and keep you alert for when the levels change. We are committed to your health and safety with each inspection.

Let Us Bring You the Power of Knowledge

At Confident Home Inspection, our team brings the Raleigh, NC community the mold, moisture, septic system, and well water inspections they need to feel confident about their home or business. Whether you’re in the market to sell your property or ensure your business has no faults, our same-day inspections and result are sure to satisfy Raleigh, NC customers. With an A+ BBB rating and over 1,800 property inspections under our belt, you can feel confident you’re in good hands. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of our home, commercial, and ancillary inspections today!

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